Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Black Atheists of America

Due to religion playing such a fundamental part of African America life and so few being atheists the BAAm has tried to play a role in bringing together and giving support to the African America atheist who see themselves as such a tiny minority. It could be said they're a minority in a minority. Not only have the BAAm played an effort in supporting African American atheists but are also trying to educate those who come across the website as well. It has the on the website Youtube videos that have been posted and have been used to help educate or feed the person on the website with information that they may find interesting.

It could be said that the layout of the website is rather basic which could suggest that the campaign and opinion that they represent hasn't got a great amount of support. This could be further proven in the merchandise because what they sell does not connote or suggest that it represents African American atheists, instead it's much more generally aimed any type of atheist. It can be therefore be seen to be a website that is lacking support to a degree.

It is clear that even in such small minorities such as black atheists need support would mean that American is not one united nation. If this wasn't the case there wouldn't be such a need to create organisations such as the BAAm.  So I believe there is a lack cohesion and togetherness in the United States, because of the existence of this type of website. Also it gives evidence that there is not a singular identity that all Americans come as well.

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