Wednesday, 15 January 2014

'Identity' beyond America

This website advocates the freedom of same-sex marriage in America (an issue that is still very much in debate across most of America, with only seventeen states having passed the law).

In particular, the blog section of the website gives a more relatable and relaxed view of the issues surrounding same-sex marriage, with particular focuses on couples, their families and the laws that have either been passed to enable their marriage or that are preventing them from marriage. For example, there is a video of a twelve year old discussing the importance of same-sex marriages, how stereotypes surrounding these groups and communities are wrong and how everybody should be given the freedom for equal (marriage) rights.

The Freedom to Marry website is incredibly effective in the way that it supports and portrays this community with love and affection. Even though this community does not make up the majority of the population, it is still a large proportion and it highlights that being in the LGBT community forms an identity that becomes part of yourself and affects your life more dramatically than it should (with the oppressive marriage laws in most states). The website shows that it is an identity that should be celebrated, not oppressed, and that especially in America, the identity of these people are seen in a worse light than they should be.

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