Thursday, 20 February 2014


The American Atheists group are a group that derived from a court case from 1959. Since then they have worked towards receiving support and giving support to those who don't believe in God. The idea that they need to give support to atheists is interesting because it highlights how they are such a small group in the United States, but are a quickly growing.
Another interesting a spect of the website is how they highlight how atheists have the same convictions as a Christian. They explain their equivalent of praying saying that they make their own inner convictions. Also they want a heaven on earth now rather than waiting till you're dead to go to heaven. It is clear to see, from this, the power and substantial force of Christianity in America because even the atheists website believe they have to make reference to prayer and heaven in order for it to resonate with Americans. It also shows how backward America is in terms of Christianities hold on them and how when compared to other western countries it has some way to go in terms of the spread of its faiths.

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