Thursday, 6 February 2014

Push, Outline to Presentation

I am going to start my presentation talking about what in the book represents and if this differs from what other races are represented by. I will talk about some of the challenges faced by Precious and also give some statistics from the time in which it was set. I will follow that with what I think the message of Push/Precious is, and who that message is aimed at, and for what reason. I will give a bit of the background of the author and assess whether she can accurately represent the African American community and the issues it faces. I then give my final thoughts on the book in the conclusion and answer whether it is successful in representing the complexity of the African American identity.

Questions I will ask.

1. Do you think the story can represent or relate to other races in America?
2. Who do you think the most important character in the book is?
3. Why do you think the author includes the other kids stories at the end?
4. Can we rely on the author to represent the issues present in the book correctly and accurately?
5. Do you think Push can be seen as a success story?

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