Thursday, 13 February 2014

Siletz tribe

  The Siletz tribe was originally located in Alaska. They are a tribe that appear to be very proud of their heritage. They boast how the tribe had up to 11 different languages, which supposedly had incredibly different dialects, making it hard for the different divisions to understand each other, therefore demonstrating its diversity. The different locations of the divisions of the tribe meant that their diets differed too. The inland people ate mainly deer, where as the people on the coast ate fish. So these different factors show how the Siletz tribe had a degree of diversity to it.

  They are also a very well renowned tribal group. There is evidence for this because they were the second Native American tribe to be fully restored to federal recognition. The group has also been self governed since 1992, proving further that they are very well renowned group that has plenty of support. The group also own a tremendously large reservation  "occupy and manage a 3,666 acre reservation located in Lincoln County, Oregon." Not only do they own a large reservation, the group also have set up job opportunities for people who are a part of the tribe "CTSI requires a Tribal Application be completed". They also have a comprehensive healthcare system that is said to be of high quality and provides the people with happy and healthy lives. I believe that because of this it is fair to say that because of the size of the reservation, the fact they are able to offer jobs to those that are of the Siletz tribe and that have a very good healthcare system they are a group that are wealthy when compared to other groups in the United States. They are able to care for their people and provide them with jobs, education and good healthcare.

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