Wednesday, 12 February 2014

White Mountain Apache Tribe

The tribe is called the White Mountain Apache Tribe they are located in eastern Arizona. The site where they are located is notable as it surrounds the history of Fort Apache which was a military camp and reservation for Indians. Once the army abandoned the site in 1922 it became the site of Theodore Roosevelt Indian boarding school, which exists as a middle school today.

Their economy is largely based off tourism as they own casino's and have tons of recreational activities for visitors such as fishing and hunting. Therefore, they are quite wealthy and can fund public services such as Hospitals. Alcoholism/ Teenage pregnancy/ Suicide rate is unknown but it can be assumed that since their economy is stable there are few problems with this. The population of the tribe is 15,000 and many of them live on the reservation but many live and work all over the country and most live in the surrounding areas of White river. This means that they assimilate with the rest of the American population and have a more urban lifestyle and may work other jobs. Also many of the tribes youth attend the Arizona State University's which implies that the education they receive on the reservation is sufficient and so the youth can have many opportunities and possibly careers.    

I feel it is good they've had such success and are not in extreme poverty like other tribes and their children's education is important. It is also good they keep the history of their tribe alive and recreate it for guests and is passed onto the youth. This keeps their culture alive even if it is slightly modernised to fit with the society their in.

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