Thursday, 27 February 2014

Who Needs Feminism?

Who Needs Feminism is an organisation based in Duke University, NC. Their work is aimed at challenging claims that feminism is dead and that it is no longer required. They push to dispel the reputation that the word feminism has as a "dirty word" and to lessen negative association of the movement. 
"We aim to challenge existing stereotypes surrounding feminists and assert the importance of feminism today. We feel that until the denigration surrounding feminism and women's issues is alleviated, it will be hard to achieve total gender equality, both statistically and socially."

They take photos of men and women on college campus' with their reasons that they still need the feminist movement. Some are frivolous, "So more men can wear leggings" and some are extremely serious, "Society teaches us "don't get raped" rather than "don't rape"". 
This blog started out on, which is a well known space for young people with strong liberal views, this, from a feminist perspective is proof in itself of the fact that young people still feel the need for the feminist movement and still see aspects of oppression. The image of feminists being older, white, unattractive, man-hating lesbians is clearly dis-proven by the massive diversity of the genders, sexualities and ages of the many people pictured.

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