Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy are an American lesbian couple that also use music to spread the message of LGBT equality and their song 'Too Cute to be Gay' shows the problems that lesbians face with the issue of stereotypes. With femme visibility within the lesbian community on the rise, they show how people often fail to see them as gay because they don't fit the traditional stereotype, which luckily does not really exist anymore. People presume that having a feminine appearance means that they can't be gay but Bria and Chrissy show that this is not true. Although femme visibility helps to defy the stereotype, some hold the opinion that lesbians are trying to use a heterosexual appearance in order to hide their homosexuality, but what it in fact shows is that somebody's sexuality does not have to be at the forefront of their appearance and identity if they choose it not to be.
Something that is also evident from their videos is that they are just an ordinary couple. They show that being a lesbian couple doesn't make them any different from heterosexual couples and this is something that society needs to realise. There is a collection of lesbian couples on youtube, ranging from Cydney and Stacy to Whitney and Megan to Kaelyn and Lucy (the latter two stemming from long distance relationships), and they are feminine lesbians, which not only helps to defy the stereotype more, but all of these couples also demonstrate their normality. Kaelyn and Lucy are so normal in fact (something which society wouldn't necessarily expect because lesbian and gay couples are always pinpointed as different whether the fact is true or not) that they call themselves 'boring' because they're so normal.

Bria and Chrissy

                                              Whitney and Megan and Kaelyn and Lucy

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