Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"Support Gay Marriage! Equal Rights!"

The video that I have chosen discusses a range of issues that are the concern of the gay community in America. It is revolved around gaining the right to marriage and what they will mean to the gay community.

The video discusses things such as not feeling ostracised from the community in which they live in if they gain the right to get married and that they will be able to express their own individuality. Also that they will gain a sense of belief and confidence in who they are and should not feel ashamed because of a law that implements what they call "hatred". They are willing to single out the government as there laws imply that being gay is wrong, if the laws they make state marriage is not allowed so makes it normal for gay people to be frowned upon.

There is a sense that the people who made this video recognise the fear of resentment they would get from others who are not open to who they want to be and who they are. Also they are keen to tell the people who are watching the video to be proactive and make an effort to change the laws with a degree of immediacy.

Also once these laws have been passed they will make a change that will last for "eternity". So makes the idea of being proactive, when it comes to changing the gay marriage laws, as being something that would truly change the society Americans live in and therefore the concept could be believed to appear more appealing.

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